Vision, mission and values  

• Vision

Bucharest University of Economic Studies (BUES) aims at being recognized as one of the leaders in the university education and research in the domains of economic sciences, business administration, information and communications technology, administrative sciences, legal sciences, philology and sociology, in Central and South-Eastern Europe, contributing to the achievement and the development of smart, competitive and sustainable economy and efficient public administration.


• Mission

Bucharest University of Economic Studies assumes the mission of training future generations, contributing to the top research development, to the building of the socio-economic elites and to develop competences in the fields of economic sciences, business administration, information and communications technology, social sciences, administrative sciences and legal sciences needed to support the development of a society and a competitive economy through:

• The educational mission, which consists in preparing students to think critically and constructively in ways that combine a systemic, integrative and overall vision with the exploration on detailed and profound levels

• The research mission, which involves the contribution to the creation, improvement and application of knowledge, the stimulation of creativity, the encouragement of innovation and the resolution of concrete problems in economy and society.

• The mission for the community, which means working with the local, national and regional community we belong to, by getting acquainted with their challenges and offering solutions meant to contribute to their solutions and to the progress of the community in the technology and globalization era.

Bucharest University of Economic Studies fulfils its mission through the following actions:

• Creating a diversified, innovative and flexible portfolio of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs, and a stimulating and creative learning environment.

• Development of advanced scientific research in the field of social sciences, economic sciences, business administration, information and communications technology and the creation of ideas and theories that contribute to achieving a competitive and sustainable economy.

• Creating a portfolio of creative, innovative services for the economic-social environment, which will contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress of society.

• Ensuring an efficient academic management, able to stimulate and develop the cognitive, emotional and spiritual capital of the members of BUES academic community.

• Focusing the educational process on the student.

• Joining and integration into international educational, research-development and innovation networks.

• Ensuring the conditions for promoting partnerships at national and international level.

• Development of an entrepreneurial culture based on innovation.

• Ensuring the logistical and professional basis for adult continuing education.

• Ensuring the institutional management transparency.

• Strengthening the spirit of the academic community and increasing the involvement and responsibility of all members of the academic community.

• Maintaining and strengthening the relationships with the students.

The basis of this approach is the continuous improvement of quality, the permanent involvement and motivation of human capital and the systematic focus on the students. We aim at achieving an organizational culture characterized by motivation, creativity, involvement, efficiency and effectiveness, which puts on the foreground the satisfaction of stakeholders, the development of team spirit and the achievement of sustainable managerial and economic performance.

• Values

The values that guide the academic community in achieving BUES vision and mission are as follows:

Professionalism – orientation towards excellence, rigorously pursuing university activities.

Responsibility and accountability – assuming responsibility, ensuring credibility, accepting the consequences of our actions. 

Integrity – devotion to truth, honesty, fairness and honour, in accordance with the Code of professional deontology and ethics.

Dedication – passion and enthusiasm in carrying out the educational and research activities.

Loyalty – attachment to the defining elements of the university’s organizational culture.

Trust – capacity and boldness to believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed.


Strategic objectives of Bucharest University of Economic Studies for the 2020-2030 period

BUES strategic objectives for the period of 2020-2030 are structured into two broad categories: overall fundamental strategic objectives (on the university level) and strategic objectives by domains

The fundamental strategic objectives of Bucharest University of Economic Studies for the period of 2020-2030 are the following:

• Strengthening the position of Bucharest University of Economic Studies as one of the most important universities in our country, focused on advanced research, innovation and education. 

• Consolidation of BUES brand at international level and affirming the status of European research and education pole for Central and South-East Europe in the domains of economic sciences, business administration, information and communication technology, administrative sciences, legal sciences, philology and sociology.

• Increasing the international visibility of BUES as a regional provider of excellence in higher education and public administration, by improving BUES’s position in the specialized rankings (Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai), QS WUR, THE WUR) and obtaining the relevant international accreditations EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) and AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business).

The main objective for the period of 2020-2030 related to BUES human capital is the increase of the involvement and responsibility of all the members of the academic community who should contribute to: developing BUES as a European institutional model of organizational culture focused on attracting, enhancing and developing human capital; developing and strengthening an organizational culture of excellence.

The strategic objectives of Bucharest University of Economic Studies in terms of human resources in the field of research are the following: 

• Increasing the visibility and scientific recognition on the national and, especially, on the international level of Bucharest University of Economic Studies and rewarding teachers and researchers with outstanding contributions in this field.

• Development of integrated cooperation networks in the area of excellence research with researchers from prestigious universities on the international stage, increasing the degree of international interconnection and integration in the research networks of excellence.

• Creating an appropriate framework for conducting research, by ensuring the sustainable infrastructure of the research and innovation process.

• Diversification of funding sources for the research activity by more intensively integrating public and private sources.

• Support and consolidation of the research activity, enabling it to significantly contribute to enhancing BUES’s international visibility. 

• Stimulating innovation and asserting BUES as a pole of scientifically substantiated solutions for major problems of the economic and social environments.

• Strengthening and developing the research personnel’s skills.

• Development and strengthening of intra- and inter-departmental, inter-institutional cooperation and cooperation on the national and international level.

• Developing strong relationships with the economic and social environments, allowing both the realistic knowledge of needs in terms of graduates’ training and knowledge transfer, as well as adapting the educational offer in the field of research and consultancy related to these needs.

• Assuming an active role of our university in the relation with the economic and social environments, by extending and applying the research results within various public and private organizations.

• Strengthening the relations with the economic and social environments (consultancy, specialised services, partnerships with the business environment, volunteering, etc.).

• Involving BUES students and staff in the life of the local, national and international community.